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It is well known that healthy eating, adequate exercise, and a good night’s sleep are important lifestyle factors in personal wellness. What most individuals are lacking in their toolbox for wellbeing is a work environment that helps support or enhance a comprehensive approach to thrive through physical fitness, emotional regulation, cognitive resilience, and cultural wellness.

​So we created The Healthy Neighborhoods Project which is inspired by the Tidy Towns Competition in Ireland. The goal is to increase the awareness of wellbeing at a personal level to inspire accountability and meaningful action that will improve population-based health scores, economic impact, and the lived experiences among members of the neighborhood through the healthy development of lifestyle habits, personal values, and belief systems.

Founded by Hans Parge PhD, the ultimate goal of The Healthy Neighborhoods Project is to create a world nourished in mind, body, and spirit.

Our mission is to be a force for good health throughout our neighborhoods by empowering people with awareness, innovative solutions, and an enriching, uplifting environment.

We invite you to join a neighborhood where you can strengthen your wellness foundation, develop a supportive network of loving accountability buddies, and deepen your knowledge and understanding of holistic wellness with experts from around the world.

Welcome to the neighborhood!


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Hans Parge, PhD

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Founder of The Healthy Neighborohoods Project


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Jan Jeremias

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Healing for People & Pets

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Seamus Power

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Founder of Powering Health

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Noeleen Kelly

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Wellness Advocate


David Becerril

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Holistic Coach & Writer


Parham Baikoghli

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Health Nut & Management Consultant


Ken  Caputo

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Educator &  Entrepreneur


C. J. Gilbert

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Website Pro, Speaker, Author

Everyones health journey is different but we can help each

other navigate it all as a community.

Our Mission

Our Mission

To create a healthy community of people that live long and fulfilling lives.


Our Vision

A world where everyone has the information and support they need to live a healthy life

Join our community to start your journey

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